23 Unique Responses for your Response Card

Your response cards don’t have to be boring! Your invitations should be a representation of your personalities, so reflect that as much as you can throughout your suite.  Templates may be hard to customize, but if you are designing your invitation with a professional designer, like us here at Cupcake Graphics, the skies the limit!

Other than the necessary question of will you be attending our wedding, take a look at some of these other fun questions/comments:

Leave lines for…

  • Advice for the newlyweds…
  • What song gets your dancing feet moving?
  • I’ll be there if you play….

Humorously give them more than two options…

__Will be there with bells on!

__Will be there free of bells.

__Will not be there; heard people will be wearing  bells.

__Will be there regardless of the bell controversy.

Have them fill in the blanks!

  • We are so (adjective) for Samantha and Jim’s wedding.
  • We can’t wait to see them (verb) and with them many years of happiness and (noun).

Get super creative with your responses:

  • Yes Of Course; No, but I have a really good excuse
  • Let’s get the party started! ; Show must go on without me
  • Totally ; Bummer
  • Wouldn’t miss it for the world! ; Sending our love
  • Heck Yes!; Sadly, No
  • Happily Accepts / Regretfully Declines
  • Yes, Can’t Wait / Darn, Wish We Could
  • Can’t Wait! / Sad To Miss It!
  • Can’t Wait To Celebrate / Sad To Miss All the Fun!
  • Ready To Dance / Sorry, My Dance Card Is Full
  • Absolutely! Can’t Wait!! / Bummer! Can’t make it.
  • Won’t Miss It / Will Be There In Spirit
  • Will Be There! / Can’t Make It!
  • Absolutely / Unfortunately
  • I do / I don’t
  • Delighted To Attend / Sending Regrets
  • But Of Course, Dear! / We’ll Be Toasting From Afar!
  • Deal Me In  / Sitting Out
  • Sunscreen Is Packed / Raising A Toast From Afar
  • Can’t Wait To Be There / Party On Without Us
  • Will Be There With Bells On / Will Be Thinking Of You
  • Count Me In / Sorry, Count Me Out
  • Let The Good Times Roll / Roll On Without Me

Quick Tip!

You will be surprised how many of your guests return their response cards without writing their name or putting a return address on the envelope, so you REALLY don’t know who it’s from.  Before you mail out your invitations, put a very small number on the bottom right hand corner of the reverse side of the card.  That number should correlate with your spreadsheet of wedding guests.  This way, if they return the card and there’s no way of identifying who it came from, just turn the card over, find that number and reference your spreadsheet!

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