3 Tips on How to Hire the Best Wedding Vendors for You!  Bonus – A PDF download of my preferred vendor list!

Do Your Research.

Doing your research is key when choosing wedding vendors.  Ask your wedding venue who they recommend, read reviews on Wedding Wire, The Knot and Google.  Check out the quality of their website and the content they have available.  The way a wedding vendor presents themselves online says a lot about their level of professionalism and quality of work.  Stalk their Instagram, but most importantly, find someone you know that has used that vendor and ask for their honest opinion.  Reviews are great, but hearing an experience from someone you trust is so much more valuable.

Make Sure There’s Chemistry!

You should hire vendors that you simply enjoy.  Your initial meeting with them should be fun, not daunting.  Hiring a wedding vendor means establishing a long working relationship with this person or team.  I think we all know; wedding planning doesn’t happen overnight.  You want to feel comfortable asking questions and look forward to speaking with them to work out the details.  During your interviews, you should ask yourself “is the conversation forced, do I trust this person, do I feel like they are excited about my wedding day and do they have my best interest at heart?”  These questions are important.  You want to hire quality vendors and no, this does not mean you should have to break the bank.  Like I mentioned in my first tip, do your research.  Meet with a few vendors to make sure the chemistry is there, the quality of work is up to your standards and you’re comfortable with their price tag.  I promise you, they are out there!

Seal the Deal and Understand What You’re Agreeing To.

If you find that vendor you enjoy, their work is amazing and your cousin Jennifer can’t talk enough about them, just make sure you review their agreement carefully and get a good understanding of the terms and conditions.  They are providing you with the necessary information prior to sealing the deal. It is your responsibility to read the agreement and eliminate any surprises come payment time.

Over the years, I have conjured up a list of preferred vendors that I recommend to my clients and potential clients.  The majority of these vendors are local to the Mercer County and Bucks County areas in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but don’t let that deter you, as many of these professionals will travel.  I have established relationships with all of the vendors on this list and would trust them with my own wedding.  In fact, all of the vendors I used for my wedding are on this list!

Click on the link below to download our Preferred Vendor List.

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