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How many people are coming to your wedding? One thousand? Two thousand? Okay, so maybe it’s not that many (or maybe it is!). But it probably feels like that many because of everything you have to do to make sure your wedding day is perfect and one of the most memorable days of your life.

Luckily, there is a fabulous item called a wedding seating chart to help make your day more organized so you don’t have to worry about Uncle Harry taking Aunt Edna’s seat and all of the drama that would ensue. Here at Cupcake Graphics, a wedding invitation boutique, we create these seating charts to ensure your special day is stress-free. Here are four more benefits of using a wedding seating chart from us:

  1. Organized and simple – Maybe in the past it was difficult to make a seating chart and much easier to just wing it, but that usually ended up with confusion and disorganization on the wedding day. Now, the process is made much simpler through online stores, such as our Cupcake Graphics Our company has two kinds of seating charts for couples to purchase, including template seating charts and custom seating charts. Template charts are already designed and available for viewing on our online store, and custom seating charts are designed specifically for the couple and the creative direction they desire.
  1. It sure beats place cards – Sure, place cards look great when they are first set up. They are perfectly aligned, alphabetized and make for a great picture. Then, Uncle Harry comes over to the place card table, picks up the wrong place card and then puts it down in a totally different spot. Now, Aunt Edna is looking for her place card and Uncle Harry’s is there instead. Very quickly, your place card table turns into a huge mess, taking your guests twice as long to find their name. Not to mention the small size of the typography used to display their names and the many family members you find squinting or asking their significant others for their glasses just to figure out where they can sit down.  Seating charts eliminate all of that confusion. There is not one card to be found or picked up, everything is displayed neatly in a legible font and size, and the best part is your guests can’t “un” alphabetize the chart!
  1. It’s personalized – If you are purchasing a template chart, there are plenty of designs to choose from that just may fit exactly what you are looking for. If you are interested in a custom seating chart, the chart is designed with the couple in mind. A favorite engagement photo can be used as the background of the seating chart or your very own monogram. The sky is the limit when it comes to the creation of your custom seating chart.
  1. The perfect keepsake – Seating charts are typically framed so you can essentially keep it forever. Hang it up in your home as a lifelong memento of one of the best days of your life.

These are just a few of the reasons you should consider using a wedding seat chart from us. To learn more about our seating charts and wedding invitations, contact us at 215-579-5845 or visit our website at You can also purchase your very own chart through our online store at



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