Have you ever received a wedding invitation that made you say, “Wow?” If so, you know how it made you mesmerized and ready to go, possibly a little bit jealous, and ultimately how it set the mood for the wedding. At Cupcake Graphics, we’re a wedding invitation company in Yardley, PA, and other local areas, and we understand how important wedding invitation suites are for the happy couple’s special day. Weddings are held all year round by all different types of personalities, which means there are bound to be some crazy and creative wedding invitations out there.

We did some research and found some of the most creative wedding invitations ever invented, and we’d like to share five of them with you. We’re hoping they might spark your creative side for your own wedding invitation suites, which we can custom design and create for you here at Cupcake Graphics. Here are five creative wedding invitation designs that you may find a tiny bit crazy:

  1. Balloon Invitation – This wedding invitation is sent to the guests as a balloon telling them to inflate the balloon and save the date. Once it’s inflated, they can see details about the wedding.
  1. Teepee Invitation – The teepee invitation doubles as a decoration for the home until the big day. Guests can actually build the teepees themselves using the materials provided in the invite. Then, they can see the details and place it on a table as a nice decoration.
  1. Lottery Ticket Invitation – Another creative way used by a couple to guests excited about their wedding was sending them a lottery ticket invite. They couldn’t actually win any money with this design, but they could see the wedding date when they scratched it off.
  1. Board Game Invitation – One invitation came to guests as an edible board game. It came as a game board, a spinner, and tokens, which turned out to be cookies. Guests could play the game, then eat the cookies as they found out their loved ones were getting married.
  1. Viewmaster Invitation – This invitation might be nostalgic for some people. It was delivered to guests in the form of a Viewmaster, where they could see pictures of the couple by looking through it.

We’re hoping those invitations got your creative juices flowing! Please allow us at Cupcake Graphics, a wedding invitation company in Mercer County, NJ, and the surrounding areas, to create the wedding invitation of your dreams. To learn more about a complementary consultation, contact us at 215-309-8258.

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