It’s finally arrived! Your package of custom-crafted wedding invitations is in your hands. After weeks of getting them just right, your designer has sent you the final product, a luxurious and elegant keepsake that officially sets the mood for your wedding and gets guests buzzing about the big day. Of course, they won’t do much good sitting around on your kitchen table–it’s time to mail them out, ASAP!

Did you just groan a little? It’s OK. Yet another task on top of your huge wedding to-do list is something even the biggest go-getters among us don’t get too excited about. To help you out, we’ve assembled a no-sweat guide for mailing your invitations.

Option 1: DIY Style

It’s time for a trip to the post office. But first, read these instructions carefully and follow them to the letter (no pun intended) so your invitations make it to each guest on time and undamaged.

Step 1: Postage. You’ll need postage for both your response envelopes and mailing envelopes. Response envelopes are straightforward: all you need is a $0.47 Forever stamp, which can be found at the post office or (if you don’t mind spending a little more) on

Postage for your mailing envelope, on the other hand, is based on the size and weight of your invitation suites. (Take location into account, too–mailing wedding invitations to Doylestown, PA from Philadelphia is different than mailing it to Toronto or London.) No need to buy a scale, however. Simply bring the completed invitation suite included with your box to the post office. The clerk will tell you how much it is to mail each suite. Don’t skip this step! Without the right postage, your invitations might not reach your guests in time. Once you have postage figured out, ask for their wedding stamp options.

Step 2: Sealing. It’s time to get a little crafty and visit an AC Moore or Michaels Arts & Crafts. Here, you’ll find glue dots and wrinkle-free glue sticks, which is what you should use to seal each envelope.

Step 3: Hand-Canceling. Postage: check. Invitations assembled: check. Now all there is to do is bring your invitations to the post office and ask that they be hand-canceled, meaning that a clerk hand-stamps each invitation with the postmark date. Why this step? If you don’t request hand-canceling, the invitations will be sent through a machine, which will damage your lovely invitations and undo all the work you and your designer have done.

Option 2: Full Mail Service

If DIY isn’t your thing, if you just don’t have the time, don’t worry! We offer a Full Mail Service that will save you time and hassle. Our Sprinkled Package completely takes care of the task of mailing your wedding invitations, from assembling each suite and purchasing stamps to delivering them to a Philadelphia, PA-area post office for hand-canceling and delivery. For just $2.50 per suite (plus the cost of postage and address printing), you purchase what amounts to a day of taking care of other important tasks–or just relaxing with a glass of wine and your feet up.

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