Is it okay to include registry information with my wedding invitation?

So this is a question I get more often than not.  The simple answer is “no” and here’s why.  Basically, it’s considered very poor etiquette.  Registry information is perfectly fine to include in a bridal shower invitation because guests are expected to “shower” the bride and groom with gifts.  Therefore, letting them know where to go is useful and convenient information.

The wedding invitation is on a much more formal level.  Including your registry information in your wedding invitation suggest that getting a gift is just as important as inviting your guests to celebrate your marriage.  It tends to come off both greedy and tacky.

I don’t like to say to no to my brides so I always offer suggestions on how to accommodate their concerns.  In this case, I would suggest to include your wedding website on one of your wedding invitations inserts. “For further wedding details please visit our wedding website” and then list the wedding website URL.  All of your registries can then be linked to your wedding website!  Simple as that.

In the past, when wedding websites didn’t exist, close family and friends knew where you were registered and simply passed the information along to those that asked.  If someone asks you as the bride, where you are registered, obviously tell them where but then finish it off with, “but I am sure whatever you choose to get will be wonderful”.

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